Online Mediation Services

While an in person meeting is traditionally how we might think of the mediation process, online mediation services are an option now available through advancements in technology and offer many advantages:

Added convenience: Travel time is avoided and each party is able to participate from a location that best suits him/her.

Added comfort: We are now able to proceed with mediation even where conflicting parties may be hesitant to be in the same room with one another or may otherwise feel intimidated addressing an issue “face to face”. We appreciate that interactions can be unavoidable in the condominium setting; however, mediating online can make it easier to take the step of addressing a problem, before it gets worse.

Added efficiency: We can bring parties together more quickly than traditional mediation processes, where scheduling everyone together in the same place at the same time can pose a challenge.

Added flexibility: Our mediation services need not be provided exclusively in person or online, they can be provided in combination. It may be easier to arrange pre-mediation meetings online or follow-up sessions after an in person mediation. We now have more flexibility to cater our service to your specific needs.

Added versatility: Our online mediation service is secure, flexible and easy to use. You can participate via computer, tablet or smart phone and need not share any personal information in the course of doing so. All that is needed to take advantage of this offering is an internet connection, camera, microphone and speakers/earphones.

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