Condominium Mediation

Condo Mediators offers mediation services to address conflict in condominium communities creatively and cost effectively. 

We help those involved in conflict take advantage of the opportunity to share their interests and examine their options in a conciliatory manner, which can preserve relationships and allow for both faster and less costly results than court, arbitration or simply waiting and allowing a situation to get worse.

Our trained and qualified mediators enhance traditional mediation training with practical condominium industry experience, expertise in coaching and depth of “condominium knowledge” – resulting in a collaborative, constructive and efficient process which has been specifically designed to address the unique nature of condominium disputes. We encourage parties to express their interests, explore barriers to settlement, discuss potential creative solutions and provoke a meeting of minds.

While the Condominium Act, 1998 requires certain disputes to proceed first to mediation, recent Ontario case law and public sentiment expressed surrounding the development of Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 suggests that mediation should be considered in the course of addressing almost every form of condominium conflict before it escalates.

There is perhaps no better example of the need for a flexible and insightful process than in addressing conflicts presented in the context of a condominium community.  In the context of a condominium dispute, it is important for a resolution to be considered fair and timely, particularly when those involved in the dispute are (and will continue to be) in close community, yet also reflect compliance with provincial legislation.

We offer competitive rates and flexibility of process and scheduling to accommodate busy schedules.  

Express, explore, create and provoke a meeting of the minds.